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XPATH Collections

If you provide a product or service for customers nationwide, and their payments require unique identifying information, you can convert all or selected Zenith Bank branches into your payment centers with XPath.

Make our branches your collection network

Our extensive branch network will provide you unparalleled reach while ensuring that your customers payment details are captured without error.


  • Electronic Fees Splitting
  • Bulk & Installmental Payments
  • Electronic Receipts
  • Error Free Posting: Customer Data Validation
  • Unique Payment Record Identification
  • Transaction Tracking/Matching
  • Customizable Aesthetics
  • Robust Reporting: Real Time View of Transactions
  • Connect with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and automatically update your records as payments are made at the branches.


  • Your business will be registered as a Collecting Merchant on X-Path.
  • All Zenith Bank branches will serve as your collection outlets.
  • Your clients (payers) can make payments at any of our branches in cash, cheque or bank draft.
  • X-Path will capture items as specified by you and reflect these items in the report presented. e.g. Student Name, Matriculation Number etc. in the case of a school.
  • Payment reports in Excel format can be delivered to specified signatory e-mail addresses or downloaded online.
  • The Excel format reports can be sent via e-mail instantly, daily or monthly.
  • Customers can be identified with a unique identifier code.

Contact us today

Email: ibanksupport@zenithbank.com.sl and Tel:+23279370731 or +23277230889. Or visit any Zenith Bank branch closest to you.

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