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Business Strategy

The overall vision of the bank is to make the Zenith brand a reputable international financial services network recognized for innovation, superior Customer Services and performance while creating premium value for all stakeholders.

Key Strategies


To deliver superior tailor-made service experience to all our customers at all times through diversified quality product and service offerings:

Current Account Corporate Account Internet Banking
Savings Account Fixed Deposit
Domiciliary Account Call Deposits Online Bill Payment
Zenith Children’s Account IRAs  AlertZ
Fixed Deposits FGN Bonds
Call Deposits Treasury Bills Corporate Internet Banking (ADPS Plus)
 IRAs NIBSS  Automated Cheque Writing
 FGN Bonds  Corporate Banking
Treasury Bills Investment Banking Automated Payroll
 NIBSS Zenith Funds Trade Alertz
 Zenith Mortgage Loans  Swift Pay
Zenith Bureau de Change  Merchant Services
Local Money Transfer
Western Union Money Transfer


Develop deeper and broader relationship with all clients and strive to understand their individual and industry peculiarities with a view to developing specific solutions for each segment of our customer base by maintaining a departmental structure equally as diversified as our client base.

This helps us understand the individual and industry peculiarities of our clients and helps us build niche relationships with them, with a view to providing specific solutions that meet their needs.


Significantly expand our operations by adding various distribution channels and entering new markets through exploitation of our existing large network and improved cross selling of non-interest income products & services we can access new frontiers and grow opportunities in banking.


Maintain our position as a leading service provider in Nigeria while expanding our operations internationally in West Africa and the financial capitals of the world replicating our leading formula for success wherever we go.


Strive to be a leading service provider in Nigeria by continuing to build on long-standing relationships, capabilities, and strength of our brand and reputation.


Expand our business through the establishment of key subsidiaries for the provision of non-bank financial services to accentuate the service offerings and experience of our customers through complementary business lines that allow us to better leverage our customer base.


Continually enhance our processes and systems platforms to deliver new capabilities and improve operational efficiencies and achieve economies of scale leveraging our unparalleled competitive advantage in delivering superior ICT/E-solutions.

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